Curiosity keep things SPANKY…


We’re always searching for something new. The next big thing, new trip, new car, new bahoozlefats. Whatever. Watching my dogs play this morning, it came to me that in that state of curiosity, my mind jumps around quite a bit. What if this happens? What if that happens? But in all that time, I can miss what IS happening.

Case in point. Driving a cool country road or along the coast. You can and do miss it sometimes. But, is that a bad thing? Not if your thoughts are constructive. Constructive thoughts lead somewhere. A call to action of sorts. Destructive thoughts lead me down a road I don’t want to go. There’s no light at the end of THAT tunnel, yo.

Good thoughts lead to cool stuff. Period. Cool stuff with Knight Rider, Speed Channel, Myride, Biometics, Karate and CarTatts and Super Cool Cars. In order to get, you’ve got to give first. Then, watch as the snowball gains speed. We’re all in the same dinghy, you know. Keep your ideas fresh and your curiosity high. Good crap happens. Off to the dojo…

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