Don’t be a baby and make a DIFFERENCE…


That’s what my parents always taught me. Get off your butt and do something worthwhile. Something that will give back. And whatever it is that you choose, do it the absolute best that you can.

A lot of things got pushed off this past week due to family matters, but I did manage to go to the Cawthorn School in Cypress, CA for a great experience. My friend, Summer, teaches a class there with some really special kids. We got to talk about many great things and I got a chance to see how bright their futures are. Many of them want to be artists and since the world is full of creativity, they’ll be able to do whatever they want.

CREATE• INSPIRE• EMPOWER is the name of my Seminar Lectures. You’d think that kids wouldn’t understand, but it’s just the opposite. They understand better than adults. All they want to is what they love to do.

If you have a school, let me know. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

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