The World needs to be DESIGNED…


…And with passionate students like the ones from the new Transportation Design School I spoke at this morning, it looks like we’ll be having some unique stuff coming. My friends John and DJ started a design school for inner city kids, with the intention of opening their minds to new possibilities. Ideas that some kids might think are impossible. …But these kids know different.

I come across a lot of young minds throughout the country wanting to know more about design and what they can do with what they love. Which is why I do these CREATE INSPIRE EMPOWER Seminars.  When you discover that the world is full of possibilities and there are no limits but just the ones you create yourself, then amazing things begin to happen.

Thanks John, Art and DJ! Thanks for asking me to come down and see these geniuses at work. But, BIG thanks to the kids for having me! Keep it up and see how your life unfolds…

They’ll have a website up soon, so check my Links.

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