As I stood at the foot of my Police MINI being shot by UK mag MODERNMINI this past week at CinemaVehicles, I began to notice things I hadn’t noticed before. Small details on the car that bugged me. Kev, the photographer snapped away as I began to wonder… What is Perfection?

As with most things, perfection is interpretive. Each of us would describe it differently. But, I guess the important thing to realize is that nothing is ever REALLY perfect. And it’s important to be okay with that. Does perfection mean that you’ve done everything right? Balanced exactly the way you want it? It may be, but in time, things change …and so do we.

I welcome being wrong and making mistakes, even though they may be painful. And some are REALLY painful, but mistakes are how we grow. And growth is good. We learn by taking our experiences and honing them down to what is best extracted.

Don’t get me wrong. My MINI is rock solid bitchin.’ And it will make an awesome article because ModernMINI knows how to do it up right. So, the question becomes, what do I do next that’s better? Where to I go from here? Well, no one knows just yet (And if I did, I wouldn’t tell;-) but one thing’s for sure, whatever it is… it will be perfect. At least… for a little while.

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