Hooligans at HUNTINGTON…

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The Huntington Beach Concours was outta control this weekend. Had a great time with buddy, George Barris, cool fans like Jimmy and his rockin’ green Buttkicker Mini, the boys from Huntington Beach Hogs and Choppers,  Dave Kunz from ABC, Mothers, Corvette Limos, TF Designs, OffRoad Rolls Royces, cool PhotoDood Frank Filipponio, Pirates and their Maytees, old friends, new friends, and KIDS!!! Everybody dug our Little Guy Trailer! Best dang trailer on the market!!

Yea, typical stuff. Just another day for the Fireball.

Congratulations to the WINNERS and big thanks to the Bobs!!!  Bob Shaw and Bob Amaral of MOALA. …man I’m wiped…

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