What the heck is ReinCARnated???

reincarnated7.JPG reincarnated1.JPGreincarnated6.JPGreincarnated2.JPG


Based on the photos, this new show coming from the Producers of “CHOP, CUT, REBUILD” and “STREET TUNER CHALLENGE” is the next BIG thing. Kind of like NASCAR meets DOLLY PARTON. Well, no. …Not actually. But would you believe, TOM CRUISE in a FAST AND FURIOUS movie? No? How about FIREBALL TIM and the crew saying shhhhhhh….. We like to call it “THE NUNA SHOW.” As in, Nunna Ya Dang Business… until Fall, at least!

As you may know, I like secrets. In fact, EVERYONE likes secrets. So, for the time being as we film, this is a superdoooperreallycoolsecret typa secret.

We’ll tackle small things like Area 51 and such. But no big deal. Oh,… and with cars, …duh.

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