Something to be PROUD of…


No, this isn’t real. But, it IS cool though, eh?

Sometimes I get inspired to just do something weird. Okay, some might say that EVERYTHING I do is weird, but I beg to differ. There’s weird, then there OUTTA CONTROL WEIRD. But, seeing as how there’s all kinds of things going on my my life, I figured I do a magazine. Well, just the cover at least. Some funny things that might happen.

Many people talk about putting your goals down on paper. I like to SEE my goals. I mean, do a Green Bentley? Wouldn’t that be AWESOME!!!?? A really cool Emerald Paint Scheme with a Style Lime Pinstripe. Crusin’ around in style with NO EMISSIONS!!! Okay, some day. But for now, I want to see my goals. So, I’ll be posting the cover of my mag every so often just for the heck of making my goals a real deal. I encourage it. Seeing yourself as you want to be and acting as if it’s real is a very strong message to the universe that you ain’t messin’ around.

And doesn’t Kathie look cool? This is her first Black Belt with many more coming. Maybe she’ll turn into a Ninja? Then she could sneak into the Bentley Dealership and snag me one of those puppies…

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