What goes around, comes, BACK…


As you build out a business, not everything is going to work. At least, not in the way you expect sometimes. That’s why it’s important to step away for a bit of time, then re-visit the concept. Is it really worth doing? A lot of driving this week, out to Cinema Vehicles as they work on Knight Rider, structure a new twist on the Limited Edition Program and Design Tattoos for CarTatts. Fun work.

For all the successful ventures I’ve been into, there are three times as many that haven’t worked. But the point is, you keep going. Believe in what you’re trying to build and take strong steps to achieve it. You noticed I said “Believe.” If you believe it, you’ll see it. That’s the Law of the Universe.

Visualize. Believe. Conceive. …and add some cool cars to that to make a kickass CarMartini.

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