Why I love CARS…


A couple of weekends ago, I got a call from my buddy Chuck sayin,’ “Hey Fireball! Get yer butt over to FLAMES and see some the coolest rods in LA!” So, off I went. And since I hit over a hundred shows a year, I expected to see way cool stuff. And it didn’t disappoint.

But that got me thinking again. Why do I love cars so much? Why do ALL of us love cars?

Honestly? … Most cars are designed by men. Most men appreciate the beauty of the female form. In ALL it’s forms. And car designs… are inspired by women mostly. Shapes and curves, concave and convex surfaces. Textures. There are many other influences, but the designer of the ’68 Split Window Vette (Harry Bradley) said this point blank… “I designed the Vette after seeing a woman dance and bend backwards on the ground as one of her moves. The most beautiful thing I had ever seen. THAT inspired me.”

This is not sleazy. Nor strange in any way. God has created a situation that allows beauty to inspire us all. From form in nature to  the thing that attracts all men most. The human body. Look closely and you’ll see for your self.

Check out some of the rides above with new eyes. Let it guide your soul on a journey of inspiration. And let that journey help you to appreciate design.

An congratulations to Chuck for winning BEST OF SHOW with his “Rodriguez!”

Time for Chocolate…

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