Hot Expert Interview, PINSTRIPER JEFF “STYLES…”


FT. What got you into Pinstriping?

My Dad was my sole inspiration in pinstriping. I was just 13 watching him stripe, so I asked him to teach me. He handed me a brush and said, “have at it.”  He was amazed at what I was able to do and from there, I had met a real known pinstriper named Butch’r (Butch Tucker of Mesa Arizona) He tucked me under his wing and showed me some old school Pinstriping techniques. I will never forget the people who molded me into the pinstriper I am today.

2. Who were the old schoolers that inspired you?

Some of the stripers I really looked up to of course were my Dad and Butch’r, but also some of the old timers that were around. Some of the originators of Pinstriping included Von Dutch, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and Dean Jefferies just to name a few…

3. What do you currently own and what’s your dream ride?

The cars I own right now are some that I have had for quite some time. They include a 1929 Ford Roadster Pickup, 1932 Ford Vicky, 1955 Ford Sedan Delivery,  1956 Belair Aagon, 1957 Ford Wagon and a 2007 Custom painted Chevy HHR. As for dream cars……… if I could have one of every year would be bitch’n.

4. What does Pinstriping do for you?

Pinstriping has been my life. It not only provides an income to live off of, but it provides my inner soul my creativity and comes out in my Pinstriping. I share the talent with those who wish to learn and love to see little kids come up to me at a show and are in awe about what I am doing. Sometimes I will hand them a brush and let them try it. It’s cool to see their facial expressions… I get life out of my Pinstriping…

5. What can you tell young kids of today that would get them passionate about this art form?

What I can tell kids is that with Pinstriping, or any other type of art form, is an expression of themselves. They can create, and with that it shows positive self-esteem and gratification of what they have created. With that, other people get to enjoy such a lust for art…. I try to teach kids this form of art so we can keep it alive. The first time I met you, I knew we would get along just great. I have to admit the filming (Street Tuner Challenge) that I did with you and your team was one of the best times I have ever had. I just want to thank you for including me in the things you and your team do.

Big thanks to “Styles” for his passion.

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