What makes a cool DESIGN…


I’m considering doing design DISSECTIONS here. If I get enough positive feedback, I’ll go all hog wild…

Ferraris, Yugos, MINIS… whatever suits the bill. If it’s cool, it needs to be dissected.

Good design. Well, that’s a personal thing, right? Sorta. But I look at it like this…

IT’S COOL AND I LIKE IT, DUH!!! So, …if that’s the way I feel and the car looks bitchin’ for all the reasons a car SHOULD look bitchin,’ then it’s a done deal. Maybe Fridays will be DISSECTION DAY? What do you guys think?

Oh, and this little beast here is an HPI RACING MINI. If I could fit in it, I’d rock it. All time Classic Design. SEE YOU ALL AT MINI MEET WEST this Saturday!! Bring your cameras ’cause I wanna get photos with EVERYONE!!
WOO HOO!!!! 

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