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Okay, here it is because YOU asked for it. “BLOGDISSECTION.™” Like my show on MyRide, “Auto Dissection,” only… it’s on my blog, duh. And since it’s the first one, I’ll call it… #oo1. Isn’t it neat how I thought that up? I’m just kinda deep that way.

Whatever… Here we go.

The CAMARO is here. …Almost.

A very long time in the making, …and there’s a huge list in Santa’s lap for this one. So why? Nostalgia? History? Power? Design? Well, …all actually.

But, since design is my thing, and this is “BLOGDISSECTION™,” that’s what we’ll discuss.


I’ve chosen silver to look at, mostly because the form is easier to read. And that’s what car companies do for the first few passes. No glitzy colors, but straight forward design. And this car rocks in many ways.

I’ve seen the Challenger and Camaro both up close. The Challenger is beefy, muscled and aggressive. But the Camaro is like a 50 yard sprinter with a six pack, groomed for the red sharp launch. Lean, ectomorphed and ready for serious power sprints.

The design captures all the nostalgia of the original passion, but it is now sculpted as if carved from Michelangelo’s magnetic fingers. If you were to take the wheels off and fill in the space, a beauty of a speed form it would be. Camaro fanatics will rock this car hard, and get in serious trouble with the cops. I anticipate a girth of tickets flowing through the system, funding all sorts of neat things.;(


There’s an interesting “pinched” element along the beltline that gives the impression of a lean waist. I dig that. A hip that diverts into the waist, then egresses up to the shoulder in front. Looks as if it’s been chopped and channeled. That’s the language. I’d call it “Pinched Surfacing.” Bitchin.’

The greenhouse is also lean. Tight, small glass gives a cocooned feel, or cockpitted. “Enter this space and we’ll launch,” it says. But be ready…


Tail lights are robotic. Following this beast is intimidating. But, my MINI would take him…;-) A three door wagon is a push. Interesting, but it may fall the wayside of the Magnum. Although, at 2 side doors, the lean waist still works.

As an overall design (I don’t know the initial conceptualist), this is a very successful approach. Although, coming to the table a bit late, it should do very well. So, where is it??


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