Auto Dissection #003 FERRARI CALIFORNIA!


Nice. So, the response to last week’s AD was excellent. But, before we get to this week’s Dissection, the WINNING NAME goes to Stephanie Holden’s “INDIAN SUMMER.” Although MINIbee’s “Aztec Fire” was an excellent name as well. Congrats, Stephanie! You’ll be contacted for you prize!

Everyone’s entry was great, but a name has to really evoke an emotion which is why car companies spend a great deal of time and money doing it. And some, even after all that, come out lame. So take your time and THINK.


ONWARD! This week’s contest goes like this for the above prize. (2) 1/43rd scale gems found in Geneva. A Mini Cabriolet and a Smart4Four. Question…?

If you had your own EXOTIC CAR COMPANY, 1) What would it be called. 2) Where would it be located? 3) What one word would evoke your design philosophy? Rememeber, don’t just haul off and answer this one. Be CREATIVE!



I will keep this week’s AD short, as I’m still dealing with a broken hand. (Had a fight with a fridge and lost!)

This elegante piece of machinery is one of the most controversial Ferraris in years. And although there are many elements to it that say Ferrari, there are several that don’t. Design cues shared by the Honda S2000 for example. But as a car company, the challenge is to maintain brand recognition AND move outside the box. And this gem does exactly that. The cues I like include the side scalloping, unique overall proportion, peaked roof and big brother recessed tail lights.


A clean design,… that is a bit anti-ferrari. Almost as if it were some other company trying their take at designing one of these beasts. Although safely…

I always like to see the same car in a metallic and solid. The light plays differently. And surface changes say a lot. The red front 3/4 looks as if a couch has been set into the body with the way the hip curls up. (Although, I don’t much care for the simple unresolved front end treatment.) Like the original, but too safe.


Edgy in some ways, too simple in others, the FERRARI CALIFORNIA succeeds in bringing back a legend …safely. I like it…. kinda.

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