Off to San Francisco we went on Thursday. 7 hours up from LA. And all the while, I got the sense that cars were following me. Not on the freeway, mind you, but everywhere I showed up,… cool cars appeared.

We stopped for some joe in Pismo Beach. Great place called “The Honeymoon Cafe,” right on the strip. Extremely well themed place and great coffee. A must see. Then, back on the freeway where cool cars emerged again. Jaguars, Lotus, all kinds. Within a few hours, I was at CLUB SPORTIVA for a cool talk about Exotics. A blast meeting everyone and talking about design philosophies. My doggies, Bug and Sammy liked the Ferrari F430, paws down.

Then, off we went to Napa for some wine tasting… IN A BENTLEY! (Courtesy of Club Sportiva, of course!) We got to taste cool vino and drive a ridiculously cool car there. But before we hit the wineries, we snagged some lunch in downtown Napa… WHERE THERE JUST HAPPENED TO BE A CAR SHOW, DOH!! So, all the while chowing, we got to check out MORE cool cars. And the desserts at the restaurant, (Tuscany) were pretty dang yummy, too. (That’s my son’s girlfriend, Isla, about to take a bite of her CHOCOLATE CUP!

After lunch, we headed to Kathie’s favorite winery BV, 20 minutes north of Napa. Merlot is her drink of drinks, so everyone (but me!) did the tasting. I just drove the Bentley… poor me. SICK!!!

The next morning, before returning the BIG BEAST back to Club Sportiva, we hit Fort Point for some coffee again and… A 140 SMART CARS SHOWED UP!!! YIKES!!! And boy, did they get in trouble for not having a “I’M GOING TO GO SEE THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE IN MY SMARTCAR PERMIT.”

1. Go to San Fran, ’cause it’s beautiful. Or anywhere beautiful.

2. Go in a cool car, ’cause life is short.

3. Drink good coffee, taste some good wine,… unless you’re the designated Jeeves.

4. Enjoy yourself. Life is too short to waste time not doing what you love.

…And don’t give me any of that “I can’t afford to do this kind of stuff” nonsense. You CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO. There is ALWAYS a way. My whole trip? About $1000. It took me about 4 months to save that in a coffee can once…

“Whatever the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve.” …Napoleon Hill

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