Not so kid-like DESIGN…

Spent the better part of this morning at the newly formed TRANSPORTATION DESIGN and TECHNICAL INSTITUTE. A small up-and-coming design school for Inner City Kids in Culver City run by my friends John and DJ. Between the ages of 14-17. I go in every now and then to look over the cool stuff that’s coming out and try to get them to think outside of the normal scope of design. They also had the help from some of top designers and Honda and VW.

But this weekend was the finals… And these were NOT the kids I saw the last time I was there! These kids knocked my socks off!! And they were designing cool cars!

There were a lot of unique concepts, strong modern day interpretations and excellent execution. Especially the pink muscle car. (Nice!) Small package, big power… just how I like it.

I was really impressed with all of them. If you’re interested in getting your kids involved, contact John Mitsumi @ 310 396 8601.

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