The Movie Car LIFE…

And so, the life of the MOVIE CAR continues….

I came into CVS a little while back to see something I hadn’t seen in a few years. The car I did for the film SON OF THE MASK was built in Australia over a Holden Monaro. The film was shot there, then the car was shipped to the US for promotional purposes. I did that for several months (The LA Auto Show) and it was then put into storage by New Line Cinema. At the time, an undisclosed location in Sun Valley.

I tried to buy the car back then until it disappeared. Took about a year of investigation to find out where it waent. Since 2005, it’s been collecting dust with many other famous movie props in the warehouse. Things like the Big Monkey my wife built for THE GRINCH and lots of stuff from THE FLINTSTONES.

2 weeks ago, everything that had belonged to New Line was removed by Warner Bros, since the former was bought out by the latter. The Muscle Car was trucked to CVS for the weekend where I snapped these (see the Flintstones Car in the mirror?) and then brought to Warner Bros Studios where it will reside in their Museum. Now, did you know that you could take a tour at the WB??

What you’ll find there in the next couple of weeks is what you see above plus many more. So, call WB if you want to take a tour and check out these rides up close. It’s a day of fun for sure. You’ll get to take a spin down the BLADE RUNNER street as well.

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