Spent the day traversing the Paramount lot, seeing friends and networking. Lots of new projects in the works. If you’ve never been on a lot, the energy is high and there’s always cool things going on.

Visited my buddy, Joey Aroesti (A Transportation Coordinator) and a few others. Joey’s working on the TV Show “Everybody Hates Chris.” He loves cars, like all of us, but he makes sure that the show gets all the right cars in all the right places for filming. We’ll have him on The Hollywood Car Show in a few weeks,… ’cause he’s cool.

Here’s some cool cars from the event this weekend in Calabasas. The Village Coffee Roaster Show. About 800 cars! For those of you who come to the shows, stop me so I can get a shot of your car!! If it’s got wheels, …I dig it. Check out these cool rides, especially the old school Ford with my Pop, Fireball Tony.

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