Not a good day for POOCHES…

Just imagine it. One minute, you’re fine and dandy. Lickin’ chops, runnin’ on the beach, sniffin’ butts at will. And the next? You’re somehow just a wee bit lighter and in serious pain. And,… something’s missing.

Not a good day for pooches happened last week. My pooches. Bug and Sammy. Bug, the boy Cockerpoo on the left. Now ball-less. And Sammy, the Licorice Girl on the right. Both, went to the doctor to be snipped.

It’s a tough thing for an owner that really loves his dogs. Since the death of my last CockerPoo, Bandit, we’ve dealt with a lot of new things. Things you wouldn’t deal with having just one dog. Everything’s doubled. Bones, toys, snippings. And $500 later, the kids came home with sorrowful faces. Now, it’s one thing to understand what’s happening to you, but for two little tykes like these guys, …just imagine? “HEY WHAT THE HECK IS GOIN’ ON HERE!!?? ARE YOU INSANE?? GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY PRIVATES!!!”

But here they are now. Back to their antics and all healed up. Amazing how fast that happens.

I love my dogs. And if you’re lucky enough to have one for yourself, or a cat, a bird, an iguana or a chinchilla. Enjoy it. They make your life worth living…

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