Take a step BACK…

…In order to move forward.

It’s hard sometimes to get perspective. I believe that life is viewed much like sitting at a certain point on a tree. At the base, it’s hard to see clearly what is around you in order to get answers. But, as you climb higher, your perspective changes and you can see better, thus making a better judgment. But in order to climb, it takes effort.

I’ve been a Martial Artist since 1969. Chuck Norris being my first instructor, then many others over the years including Bob Burbidge, Benny Urquidez, Brett Gold and Billy Blanks. I became a black belt in 1991. Yea, it took a long time as schools opened, closed, instructors passed away and some went to the pokie. No kidding. But the journey has been worth it… and the next step has been revealed. My style was Tang Soo Do originally. But I now have a new Master,… and a new style of traditional Tae Kwon Do. A new Master, quite extraordinary as well. Master Simon Rhee in Woodland Hills. The style is a bit different, so I needed to remove my black belt and humble myself in order to grow. Kathie and I have joined as Blue Belts. Intermediate belts, in order to catch up and become better. Below is Master Rhee instructing one of his students.

Simon is also a professional Stuntman, Actor and Fight Choreographer in Hollywood. I’ve seen him do unbelievable things and this student is a good indication of how he trains.

Taking a step back allows you to get perspective, become humbled and help others. This, I am grateful for. Never thought I’d feel this good about going backwards. But, it really isn’t that at all. It’s the natural progression of my journey. I’d recommend it to anyone. Lose the ego and see how you can shift your perspective to help others. Oh, and see if you can find some cool cars along the way…

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