Give to GET…

We all know this, right? In order to truly get anything in life, you have to give first. What you get in return will be a hundredfold in so many ways.

But, like most people, a lot of us think that we don’t have enough to really give in the way we need or want to. But here’s a secret… Giving gives you what you need, …to give more. And the more you give, the easier it will become.

Take Christmas. I always wondered why we only really give once a year? I mean, look at someone’s face when they receive a gift from you. Doesn’t that make you feel like you’re on top of the world?

This banner is for The Humane Society. And $5 can go miles for little faces like this. Please give. If not here, then go right now and give your pet some love. See how it makes you feel, and them too. You don’t know what something means until it’s gone.

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