What are you going to do TODAY…

…to make today perfect? Yea, I know what you’re thinking. “What the heck is Fireball talkin’ ’bout??”

You have a choice to make. Are you going to live today just like yesterday, with all your problems and woes piling on you? Or are you going to “think different?” As with all things, what we think determines our outcome. So, if you know what you want your outcome to be, then think ONLY those things that support it.

Me? I’m going to the Pumpkin Festival to see cool movie cars. Yes, a car/pumpkin show in about 2 hours. I’ll post what’s there later, but you’re gonna dig it. Then, I’m back to record Episode #12 of THE HOLLYWOOD CAR SHOW. Then, help my wife, Kathie, build some really cool costumes for a new TV Show. (I’ll post those when we’re finished, too.) But, I’m going to do ALL those things while thinking positively because I want my outcome to be a day filled with excitement, fun, adventure and love. …And that’s EXACTLY what I’ll get.

Try it yourself. Close your eyes and say, “My day is perfect and full of great things, great people and fun.” But FEEL IT and BELIEVE IT!!! Then, be grateful and watch what happens. Let me know!!!!

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