Pumpkin Festival slash CAR SHOW…

There I was, minding my own business when…

WHAM! Pumpkins attacked a car show!! Or, was it cars attacking pumpkins? In any case, off I went to this cool festival my yesterday to see some great vehicular contraptions. And not only did I see cars, but I got SURROUNDED BY THE EMPIRE! (Would you believe The Empire Attacking a Car Show with Pumpkins?)

Actually, these are members of the 501st. An awesome group dedicated to charitable fun using Star Wars as a metaphor. And they were awesome. Check out their site.

I got a chance to discuss political issues with Darth, and he was definitely for… himself as President. And you know, I think he’d win. he takes no prisoners, kick serious butt, and likes pumpkins. I also got to chill with my good buddies at Star Car Central. They brought out the goods for this show and we had a great time. I even had a Pumpkin Cupcake…

Check out more cool car shots on The Hollywood Car Show Facebook Page. And JOIN! ‘Cause we’re stupid.

Weekends are made for fun, right? No… They’re not. YOUR LIFE is made for fun. So get out there on the weekends, during the week, whenever. STOP WASTING TIME and giving me excuses as to why you’re not enjoying your life.

“Be like water, my friend. And flow.” Bruce Lee.

And read SECRET OF THE AGES, by Robert Collier. There is so much that we don’t know.

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