Beauty in FORM…

What kind of image makes you stop and gasp? A relaxed sort of exhaltation, I suppose.

The LA Auto Show starts this Friday and the anticipation is high for things of beauty. Sometimes I just stop and soak up new form, almost not realizing I’m doing it. And what comes from that moment lost?


That’s why I like car shows. Like a surfer trying to find the perfect wave, always on the search, knowing it’s there but not always finding it. That’s what we Automotive Enthusiasts search for, right? The one car that just makes us all weak in the knees. Could be a badass Bentley, an out of control Muscle Car, a modded MINI or anything in between.

I’ll be at the show, hopefully all wobbly in the knees after seeing forms like the above. So worth it. Looking forward to seeing all of you.

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