LA Auto Show in SILVERS…

As there are millions of colors on the color wheel, Silver represents not only tone, but depth.

Silver is the color of elegance. Although many think gold has this label, silver really embodies a depth and truth beyond gold. It does not transcend into the mode of ego as does gold, but it creates a sense of cool, calm and collective color. Really a tone of black and white (Cool Gray), Silver is used on virtually every vehicle to represent quality and elegance.

Silver in products can mean the same. Form is easiest read by being designed in silver. Most concept cars and basic models come in Silver. One of the oldest colors since cars were built.

Silver is also a color of strength, as in steel, iron and all metals. A binding color. White gold is actually more popular than regualr gold due to it’s “binding” theory of relationship. And,… it looks cool on my Titanium Imac, duh.

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