From Concept to COMPLETION…

Big show. Big tear down. At about 11pm, I took these shots of the LA Auto Show. Mostly of the MINI Booth. It was impressive how everyone worked together to strike such a huge show. Like gnomes and elves, working in unison to pull everything down and trailer all the cars. We did the same, although our booth was much smaller than the OEMs.The MINI E was cozily eased into a huge truck with the BMW Hydrogen car.

Big thanks and gratitude to the thousands of enthusiasts that visited us this year. My voice is nearly gone, feet red hot and legs like dragging 200lb bags of concrete, but the chance to meet all of you and have fun was worth it. Especially all the hundreds of kids. Like little baby Raptor packs. I must have handed out 5,000 hot wheels, 10,000 posters and thousands of cards.

Big thanks to all our sponsors as well. Biggest and best show of the year with nearly 2 million in attendance. That’s a lot of traffic to appreciate.Have a great holiday, everyone!

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