While the wife’s AWAY…

The boys will… CLEAN? Yup.Well, the dogs don’t really clean, so I’m on my own.

Kathie left to go see her Mom in Chicago. Brrr. 20 degrees or so. While she’s freezing her rump, I’m going on a cleaning binge. So, off to the garage, back yard, front yard and such. Scrub a dub dub, Fireball’s in the dirt.

It’s good to clean. A spiritual thing. A House Dissection that clears your mind. Or is it that if your surroundings are dirty, chances are your mind is burdened? Cleaning helps to clean up the mental clutter, too. And there’s always things to clean. I’m amazed at how many t-shirts I have that I don’t wear. Gone. Things in the garage that I don’t and won’t use. Gone.

Ever heard of the Law of Use? It says, that if you’re not using something that you have, (as in you never will, like a storage unit full of stuff) situations won’t manifest so that you can buy new things that you CAN use.

So, get to it. Screw the New Year’s Resolutions. Make it now, and always. …Just don’t throw away anything that might belong to you wife without asking. Doh.

Book of the Week. Florence Scovel Shinn’s “THE GAME OF LIFE and How to Play It.”

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