A day to JOHNNYS…

So, off I went this morning to Johnny’s Auto Clinic to get my car Registered. You know, smog check and all that, when SNAP! As I was driving, something went afunk. As in, my passenger’s side hub-assembly started a clickety clacken.’

Johnny took one look and said. “You’re drivin’ a Death Trap, Fireball!” SO, several hours later (and after my car was smogged and passed and came back,) I was sportin’ TWO new hub-assemblies on THE MACH 3.Not bad for 130,000 miles, I suppose. I’m grateful I wasn’t stuck somewhere in the Mojave.

Goin’ to the shop is always interesting. Especially when it’s not my shop. But if there was ever a great place to take your MINI, or any car for that matter, then Johnny’s rocks. Da pros.

And now that I have TWO new hub a dub dubs, I’ll be off to Motor4Toys Sunday, a thank you very much.

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