It’s like THIS…

There’s a lot of things that I’m into. And it covers a gambit of subjects like you. From certain cars, books, foods, things to do on the weekend.

I like books by authors that make me think. Not novels, but books on Metaphysics. Elizabeth Towne, Robert Collier and Charles Haanel. They make me realize that there’s more to life than working your tail off to pay bills. And there is…

Movies like Blade Runner, Final Fantasy and Monsters Inc. Movies that make me realize how creative people really are. Concepts and ideas that surpass the norm.

Designs like that of Fisker, Luigi Colani, Syd Mead and John Berkey. Images that rouse the emotion to say “how did they do that?”

I guess you could call it inspiration. Things that inspire. Designs, Images, Films, Ideas, all that take you further that where you are. But you don’t to be a conceptualist to apply ideas like these. I mean, say you’re a guy working in a restaraunt? And you want to come up with a new way to sell certain dishes that make them unique. This is as valid a concept as anything else. But ideas are a dime a dozen. Applying them and having faith that they’ll succeed is the true challenge.

Ramble on, Fireball… Is this making sense to you? Find a quiet place to think and close your eyes. Concentrate on what you want for a few moments (see it) and then get silent. The answer will come. It’s how writers write, designers design and how dishes get dished. And it’s how things have been done since the writings of The Emerald Tablet in Egypt. Try it.

Your ideas are as strong as anyone else’s. See them through. Life is too short and goes to fast to have anyone tell you that it won’t work. It will.

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