One more step CLOSER…

Yea, it was a good test for all. (Kathie and I in the Center) Some passed, some didn’t, but the true challenge is what do you do next? If you pass or succeed at something, it brings a new hurdle to overcome. Such is life, eh? If you fail, then do you give up and go home? No.

The biggest challenge in all our lives is to not take the easy road and step up. If we end up screwing things up, it’s how we deal with it that counts. So, Kathie and I studied very hard and did well enough this weekend to pass to our next level in our new Martial Arts School. I’m always weary of schools where you pay your dough to test and they ALWAYS pass you. But in this school, several people didn’t pass, including a dood going for his black belt! Ouch. The look on his face when he knew it was over was painful.

What could be easier then to fail at something then pack it in? The easy road. Stick your tail between your legs and wave goodbye. So lame. Anyone can do that. …Those that succeed take the hits and keep getting up until they overcome the obstacle. Whatever it is. The hardest thing that a human being has to do is believe. Really believe without any doubt or fear.

Only then will you succeed. It’s all about thinking in a way that gives no room for failure. Case in point, that jalopy you have in your garage. Stop wasting time and build it. Get it DONE. Then send me a photo of it so that I can appreciate it.

To celebrate, we took my Dad to The Grove in Hollywood to see “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” Review coming on Episode 16 of The Hollywood Car Show, but let’s just say it was… um, flat. But we had great Pasta, so that was successful. Who’s havin’ a good holiday??? You??

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