Yea, my wife’s always getting me into weird things. Since she builds wild character costumes for movies and promotion, I’m being forced to drive to San Francisco and help deliver two of these little guys. Actually, they’re huge. This is Mr. Helmet for PG&E. He goes to all the schools and gives talks about saving energy. And that, folks, is a good thing as it’s something we all need to do. She did the first Mr. Helmet about 5 years ago which premiered here in this commercial. Since then, she’s done about 20 more. THAT’S A LOT OF HELMETS! (And guess who wore the costume in the commercial? Yes, me.)

While we’re in San Fran, we’ll do some Christmas shopping. It’s is a great city to shop in for Xmas. It’s way cold, lots of holiday cheer, cable cars where everyone has a cold red nose, and Union Square is cool. We’ll take our pillow killing cockerpoos with us, too. Maybe they can take out their frustration on the hotel couch?

Oh, and the best part? We get to drive a massive White Chevy Cargo Van to carry the Helmets in. You ever drift a Cargo Van? …You Have?? Well, I bet you’ve never had huge Helmets in the back!!! Cha!

This last photo was one we got back after a truck backed over it. Guess Helmets really aren’t that safe after all…

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