Holiday PEACE…


Back from San Fran with a peculiar smile on my face. Despite the total weirdness of this holiday, I have a quiet sense of peace today.

I got sick in SF for a few days. You, know, sore throat, cough and stuff. But not enough to really stop me from doing what needed to be done. Had a great time in our FORD van. Yea, we opted for a Ford E250 instead of the Chevy. It was crap.

Saw a cool 600hp Vette on the way up. The intake was so big that the guy couldn’t put the hood back on. Um,… peculiar. But, we visited our usual stomping places. The Warming Hut at Fort Point with awesome brownies and a cool lil’ nook on Van Ness call The Underground for a Hummus Bagel and Joe. But, … it wasn’t, um underground. Peculiar.

Downtown was in full festivities with the Big Tree and Ice Skating in Union Square. Very Christmasy. Then, we shot back home, the pups in tow for a Christmas day with the family. I even made a cake, but ran out of letters. Pe, pe, peculiar.

2009 will bring great car things. Great things for all, I believe. And it’s important that you believe that, too. We’re all in this together.

Good read. Robert Collier’s “Secret of the Ages.” It will put in in a good mood and ensure you that your life can and will be better. …With cooler cars.

Good night, 2008.

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