Cleaning HOUSE…


Resolution, shmezolution… Who says you have to have resolutions? New and constructive habits is what I care about.

I spent the last couple of days going through the house and looking for what I don’t use anymore. The Law of Use states that if you have things you don’t use that only sit there, you’re not sending the message out to get better things. So, I gathered up clothes, books and anything I didn’t use that I could give.

This was tough, becuase I had to be honest and not keep something the meant something to me 10 years ago and has been sitting there ever since. Really honest. I found weird books that I never read, art supplies that were in excess and thingamabobs that jahoogle when you press a particular button.

From there, I went up into town and went to the Salvation Army, Library and a couple of Art Studios and donated everything. It really felt good.

And to my suprise, Malibu was as dead as a doornail. The photo is of Cross Creek Park, a normal haven for exotic cars every Saturday. This Saturday? One Ferrari. And tons of open spots, which is totally snapped. But, being the holiday, all the cool cars are still in the garages as the owners eat, visit, get sick and be merry. (Not necessarily in that order…)

Wow, my office is clean now. I can actually get to things. I had 25 triangle templates for cryin’ out loud!! But when you give, make sure it goes to a place that disperses to all, which is why a Library is good. And no, I didn’t give them by cars books, ya ninny…

Where can you give?

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