The Hollywood Car Show EPISODE 17…

0From DB, folks…

Sorry for the delay. We actually got together this week and boy was there a lot of movies and cool stuff to talk about! We got a little long this time around, too.

Movies? How about James Cameron directing Forbidden Planet! We also talk about Bruce Willis in a new SciFi Thriller, the release date for Transformers 3, a remake of The Crow by director Stephen Norrington and the bad guys from Iron Man! There was a lot more, but you are going to have to listen for that! Oh yea, go watch the trailer for 9. It’s awesome! Tim Burton at his finest.

We also found out what Tim’s favorite car is, what the worst movie ever made was (that I watched) and Tim’s celebrity sighting.

Photos? Oh yea, we got ’em, including exclusives from TRANSFORMERS 2!!!

Don’t forget the contest! Tell us what you think would be the best combination of 2 movies and you could win a Craftsman Orbiter Buffer! Just leave a note below.

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