It’s Sunday, and full speed AHEAD…


Most of the time, Sundays are calm and full of Car Shows. But this Sunday I’m full speed ahead with so many things, my head’s a spinnin.’ All week I was talking with Sponsors and Licensees about new events and new products.

We’re expanding with new products from Millusions, CarTatts, Little Director and checking out companies like Automoblox and others. Lots of kid’s products because kids are cool. Expand, Enhance, Extend. …ahh, Corporate Life.

I’ve also been buying a lot of books on ebay. It’s a curious thing when you can buy a book new for $14.95 or a 1st Edition from 1903 for $2.00. Imagine the people that have read that second book? The places it’s been. I find that really cool and appreciate the old stuff. That came from my Dad who collected 1st Editions of Jack London and Charles Dickens. He even had Dicken’s Quill pen!

Meetings tomorrow include a shindig at CVS to discuss the future of the GEMcars and the Movie Slate for 2009. Lots of cool stuff coming including Iron Man 2.

Plus, I’m planning some trips this year that may give me the opportunity to meet some of you out there. Across the U.S. with Kathie and the Pups. The more I immerse myself, the better things get. As long as I immerse myself positively.

Get out there and GET BUSY! Things don’t happen becuase you wish them to, they happen becuase you believe in them and DO YOUR PART. So get excited about your life! Oh, and watch Disney’s “Pollyanna.” An excellent film for kids and a fantastic message of gratitude.

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