Little steps add up to big THINGS…

picture-1…A hard concept to take to heart sometimes. Most of us want to just “do the thing” and not have to build up to it. Instant muscles, instant job, instant car. What we don’t realize is that small steps add up to big things and always have. There is NO WAY around it.

Taking responsibility is the first step. Say, you have a car in your garage that you want to rebuild. You can’t just go out there for 12 weeks straight and build it, non stop. It won’t get done that way and you’ll burn out as all of us do. But, a little at a time as evidenced with EVERYTHING we human nerds do results in success.

Where can you begin right now? How about that car in your garage? 15 minutes a day on anything will make you a master of it in a year. How about paying off debt or cleaning the house?

Make pact today to take small steps to greatness. The results will astound you.

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