A day at the SHOP…


Walking the shop this morning at CVS, I can’t help thinking to be grateful. Grateful that there are cars here. Any cars. And with all the “economy” talk, people are in a lot of fear.

But it’s important to realize that things are what you believe they are. If you believe that the economy sucks, then it does. But if you believe that things are ok, then they are. So, what should you believe?

What makes you feel best, of course. That’s my answer. And that’s a choice. Choose to have a good day, and you will. Choose to spread cheer and hope, and that’s what you’ll give. Choose to treat people with love and respect and that’s what you’ll get back.

Go on. The world is waiting for you to make a choice. So, choose what propels us forward, not what keeps us locked in fear. Just for today, choose something positive.

I choose to go have a venti. Maybe a treat, too. And have one on me…

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