Episode #20 comin’ SOON…


Just finished recording Episode #20 of “The Hollywood Car Show” with db and I must say, it is definitely one of our better episodes. We’ve got a great interview, way cool new movies and cars galore. Comin’ Saturday.

Spent the day workin’ on quite a few things. Updating my Streetfire Page, workin’ on the books and had a great convo with Art Center College. I’ll be doing a Seminar there soon. Even went to Starbucks and had what I would call a Milk Hot Chokolatte. It’s a Hot Vanilla with a half shot of chocolate syrup. Nice.

Plus, about ten thousand smaller things… Tomorrow, I head to CVS to pick up a cool car for a show this weekend in Calabasas. The VCR. You’ll have to listen to THCS to see what it is… okay, dang, twist my leg, why don’t you. It’s this…


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