A day at the SHOP…


Whoa! THAT’S SICK!!! Came walkin’ into the shop and there she was… THE 4 HEEL DRIVE from “The Flintstones” Movie. As well as our cool black Gran National from Fast and Furious 4.

But why do we have the 4 Heel Drive? …Cuz it’s cool, duh. No,… actually because we’re takin’ it to a show on Saturday. The Hollywood Collectors Show. Yes, I’ll be signin’ stuff at the show for those that thinks CARS ARE COOL! EVEN ONES MADE OUTTA SKULLS!!! WWAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Below, I stuck in a silly little Hummer I saw today. No big deal, ……JUST DRIVING ON TRACTOR TREADS!!!!! THAT’S RIDICULOUS!!!!

Ok, I need to calm down and go get a triple latte….

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