Something to look FORWARD to…

dsc02994There’s a lot of things I try to do here on this blog. Talk design, movies, ideas. Things that hopefully inspire some sort of thought that might benefit you guys. Books, places, experiences that I’ve come to appreciate and therefore help those to appreciate what they have.

And that’s the bottom line. You get more of what you concentrate on. Good, Bad, in either case, you’re right. So, why not appreciate the good?

This weekend was interesting. New cars, people, ideas. Saw my buddy, Erik Estrada at the show over the weekend. If I could have gotten him to stop talking, our picture might have been better, but he’s “passionate.” Passionate about life and his fans. (He was there, like me, to sign stuff) And although he was a big star in the 70’s, he stays very busy and does good things for people.

Also saw the new Corvette Centennial close up. Look pretty bitchin.’ What do you guys think? Very aggressive and unique, and we’ll see how it performs in Transformers 2.

Also, been reading a book written in 1897. “In Tune With The Infinite.” A must read if you want more in your life. More “good” things. Not an easy book to find, though, if you want an old copy. And also, not an easy read, but take your time. And since Henry Ford attributes all his success to this book, you might want to check it out.

“Put hatred into the world, and we make it a literal hell. Put love into the world and heaven with all its beauties and glories becomes a reality.”

This is going to be an awesome week…. And you can make it that way, too.

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