Yea, it helps to understand that yesterday was a holiday. If you didn’t, like me, then you probably were wondering where the mail was? Or why there was very little email (150 is small for me). Or why the phone didn’t ring much? Yea, got to pay attention a bit more, doh.

Haven’t been on this site below for a while, so I thought I’d bring it up to speed a bit. YELP! A great place to share reviews about all cool things in your town. Check it out and create a profile for yourself. Fun, and it helps others.

Episode #21 of The Hollywood Car Show recording tomorrow. Airs this coming weekend. Things are happening fast in this town, so we had to skip a week to create a great show. Plus, Friday is almost here and you’ll see a new episode of something really cool on Streetfire, Jalopnik and possibly Autoblog for the new film Fast&Furious. The EVO will be in my hands all weekend, with a number of events. Come say “hi” if you see me.

Saw a couple of movies with cool cars over the weekend. Can you recognize these?

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