T-minus 2 DAYS…

fireballedchannelBeing somewhat of a juggler, (not of balls, but of projects) it sometimes is a challenge to make sure all the dots get connected. But like a surfer looking for that perfect wave, when he finally rides it, the journey was more than worth it. It’s always a question of faith.

So many people are out there just trying to make ends meet. Even the wealthy. Just driving around yesterday, I saw too many “for Rent” signs to count. But, making ends meet didn’t just start, it’s always been there. So, it has nothing to do with what anyone else does, just you… and the way you think. So, it’s important to have faith in what you’re doing and pray that it comes to pass.

Friday finally brings a great project to fruition. The boys at Streetfire.net and I decided to join forces to create THE FIREBALLED CHANNEL. New episodes going up Friday! A unique place for entertainment on the web. And Friday is the official start date. It took a lot of hard work, but I think you guys will enjoy it. And the best part? It doesn’t cost anything. What a concept.

How do I monetize it? Is that what you’re asking? Well, with over a million hits a day, that’s a lot of people. And any company trying to get their products in the eyes of those people want to be on board… as many are already. The goal is to help people help themselves. Don’t sell things for others, help them sell it for themselves. You’ve heard that it’s always better to teach a man to fish other than catch one for him…

Have a great day today. See where you can benefit someone else from your heart, not your mind. The reward is always far more than is expected.

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