Startin’ off with a BANG…


Movie Premieres are always a dicey thing. Especially when you head out for an hour’s drive through the worst traffic possible, only to be disappointed. But, in this case, I had a chance to see a new film that really was spectacular. Jeff Jensen’s “THE FIRST, LAST RACE” was an extremely well made documentary about one man’s challenge to overcome the false thoughts of age, physical pain and a grueling challenge to prove an inner strength, inspiring all those that watched.

Jeff was on our show a few months back, talking about the making of THE FIRST, LAST RACE and we had a great time with the interview. But the sheer challenge of what he went through wasn’t clear until I saw the film last night. Jeff rode a new Ducati over 1400 miles from California to Colorado to enter The Pike’s Peak Race. The second oldest race in the country. Did the race, coming in 9th, then rode the bike all the way home. All this, with a broken leg, at 50 years old and a host of Stuntman pain related issues.(Knee surgery 17 times!) Not to mention he wrote, directed and co-edited the dang thing…

His career is extensive along with his friend’s, Paul Lane. (Pictured here with his wife, Julie) Kathie and I had a fantastic time at the screening, once again proving that true film making is about people overcoming incredible challenges.

The film will enter festivals and hopefully get distribution. Nice job, Jeff. …You inspired us all.

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