You’re takin’ a time out, MISTER…

Malibu Attack Poodles

Funny. You work and work and work, forgeting sometimes why you’re working. Then, without a choice, you have to take a time out. We don’t do it enough. It’s necessary for balance and harmony in your life.

There I was, minding my own business when my doggies, Kathie, and I went on a hike. Taking the so called “Time Out.” But my pooches decided to trapes ahead go through the bushes… and through Poison Ivy! And when they can back, I picked them up because I love them so much. And…

Now, I’m sitting here writing this with P.I. ALL OVER ME. I look like a creature from the vegetable world! I never knew how good scalding hot water could feel. Great, since the alternative is the hell of itching.

And a word to anyone who’s ever had it. There’s no cure but to stick it out. Sure, you can deal with the itching with hot water, Vinegar or rubbing alcohol, but it’s gonna run it’s course and you’re gonna deal with it.

The pict above is obviously not our hike. But the same day. Better to have a shot of the ocean than a shot of what I look like in my vegetablness. Oh, and a bath works really well. Only wish I could work all day from there… TIME OUT!

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