High Octane THINKING…


IF I hear one more time about how bad the economy is, I’m gonna sick these smiles on you. The economy is bad for one reason and one reason only, because we THINK it is. As as long as we concentrate on crap, we’ll get crap and things won’t change. Whether you like Obama or not doesn’t matter. It’s what you do with YOUR life that matters.  And you know what? It’s EASY to think badly because we perceive it to be all around us. Just watch the news. (Which I don’t anymore) It’s much harder to be grateful for what you have and give thanks for the important things, like your kids.

Come on, guys. If you want to change things, you need to first feel that things are important enough to change. And they are. We’ve got to shift into gear, though. If you want to experience true driving, you can’t do that on the way to the market when you’re thinking about something other than driving. You have to make an EFFORT to make things better. It’ takes energy to think right, but it’s the ONLY thing we should be doing in times of struggle. Stop complaining. Stop blaming other people for why things are’nt working in YOUR life. Let’s take responsibility for ourselves and MAKE OUR LIVES BETTER. You can only do that by thinking in such a way that creates more of the same. Like attracts like. If you think about how bad things are, then you’ll get more of the same.

So? Be grateful. Everyday. For the things you CAN’T see. Primarily love. Hating people only makes them hate you. Join me to give your best and be your best. Let’s raise the bar in this house. The U.S. is the best place to live on the planet, and it is because we’re a people of belief and faith. And,… we have cool cars.

It’s takes strength to be better. Look at these little faces. Strong faces of our future. Let’s show them what being strong really means. NOW.

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