A day at the SHOP…

Nicholas Cage Rolls Royce

Why is Nicholas Cage’s million dollar Rolls sitting in the shop? That’s what I thought when I “rolled” in. Well, cuz he has a new movie coming and we’re building two extras. One as a stunt car, and one to…


Ouchy. But that’s what CVS does. Build it, blow it to smithereens.

As I walked the shop, I saw several new cars that Ray brought in from a sale at Paramount. The vans that Tom Cruise drove from “WAR OF THE WORLDS,” several kookie Czeck cars and one of my favorites,… a Ford Saloon. This was the first die-cast that Corgi made. It’s awesome. I want to fully restore her and take her for a spin up PCH.

Oh, and today’s my Mom’s birthday. Family coming over to celebrate. She’s been gone for a short time now and it’s still tough. But we made her a Carrot Cake which she loved. That would have made her happy. …More later.

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