Spring has SPRUNG….


I always like Spring. All things new. Time to throw out the crap to make room for more,… CRAP?

No! This time, after 43 years of collecting things that serve no purpose, I’m tossing them out with a vengeance. Like one of those Japanese houses. Simple and easy to clean. And to my surprise, boy I have a lot more than I thought!

Why do we keep all this stuff? Do you know what the #1 business in the US is? IT’S SELF STORAGE!! Crap holders for your crap. When I heard that, it was a big eye opener. Do you think millionaires have storage units full of stuff they don’t use? Well, I set out to find out…

I have a few friends that are doing really well despite what the “economy” says. Why? 2 reasons. After having a dozen conversations, they all said the same thing. “The economy is bad because people BELIEVE it is.” And… “People are in fear, so they hoard.” Ok, so it’s not a consensus across the country, but these guys aren’t having trouble. They believe strongly in what they think, and what they think comes true.

“Whether you’re positive or negative, you’re right.”

So, bottom line. Think and believe that things are ok, and they are. Now, I know what you’re saying… “That’s like living in fantasy land!” Well, if that’s what you believe, right? But if being in fantasy land means that you live without fear and positive about the future, then fantasy land it is. I’d rather visualize a better time than concentarte on how bad things are. You get what you give. Better than being afraid of all the ills of the world and having a storage unit full of crap. (Why not sell that crap and pay off your debt? That’s freedom.)

Happy Spring, y’all.

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