What you do on your BIRTHDAY…


That’s always a good question for me. Yesterday was my 44th birthday. I’m as old as we’ve had Presidents.

So, it begs the question. What did WE do? Well, up until about 11am, I had no idea what Kathie was up to. A surprise. It started out like any other day as my eyes woke up at 5:30am with my dog, Sammy, licking my nose. But from that point on, the day was a big question mark.

Since Kathie knows I love cars, she rented a really cool one for the day. A Bentley? No. A Lamborghini? Nope. Not even a Ferrari. She went out and rented a Toyota Yaris for $31 bucks. ZOWIE!!!! And boy, did we have fun!!!

Off we went south for about 1/2 hour to our favorite coffee place, The Rose in Venice. The best coffee on the planet and lots of star sightings to boot. Any stars today? Not a one. It was MY Birthday. Kathie was treating my like a star with great Granola!!

Then? Off we went south about 2 hours to a small town called Encinitas. If you’ve ever heard of Encinitas, then you know that it’s famous for the surf spot SWAMIS. But, we weren’t going surfing, dangit, ’cause we were in a Yaris which is 5 feet shorter than my longboard. Where were we going?

Well, one of our absolute favorite places to go in Malibu is Paramahansa Yogananda’s LAKE SHRINE. One of the most beautiful places in the world and a fellowship we cherish and give. Meditation Gardens, a Lake and waterfall. (More on that later) But in Encinitas is another of the Guru’s locations. Much different because it overlooks the ocean.

East Indian religion is not religion. It simply just teaches that all we need to succeed is inside us and no where else. You just need to bring it out. And walking through the gleaming and beautiful gardens did just that. A state of peace that is now forever in my Birthday memory.

Plus, ….we saw some cool and not so cool cars…. 4 and 4 = 8. And you know what THAT means? I get to be 8 years old again!!! COOL! Off to the movies today to see FAST & FURIOUS 4! Let you know how it is.

Happy weekend everyone!

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