Clean it UP…

My not kitchen

Cool kitchen, eh? This past week or so, my wife and I have decided to spend a wee bit of cash on cleaning up and making things cool. So, off to the DI IT Center we went to buy paint and stuff. Now, when you’re faced with choosing color for the walls, it’s a big decision ’cause if you pick wrong, it looks weird. But,… who cares. When I pick a color for a wall, I go for broke all the way and pick something that’s bold and cool.

Once it’s done, I’ll post pix, but here’s my point. Life’s short. PICK BOLD, GO BOLD. And make your home as rockin’ cool as possible. Now, 2 rooms cost us about 2oo bucks. Not much for a facelift. Just a bit of elbow grease. And don’t forget to throw away all the crap that’s laying around collecting dust. Get rid of it and be clean. Also, incorporate as many green products as you can, like Aquasana. Best investment I ever made.

Why look at stains, ugly color, smudges and such when you can spend a weekend making your kitchen absolutely awesome. Paint it APPLE GREEN or AZURE BLUE or GOLDENROD. Then enjoy the feelings it give you.

So there. Oh, and this is not my kitchen. Mine’s much cooler now.

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