Successs’ of the WEEK…

kim_kardashianIt’s important to acknowledge your accomplishments. It not only makes you feel like you achieved something, but fires you up for the next week. So,… here’s a few things that went right this week, ala “Take the first step, and the next will be revealed.”

1. Mr. Trash Man set out to eliminate things in the house that just sit around and collect dust, leading to painting my pantry and kitchen. Rooking good, mang.

2. Mr. Grand Marshall confirmed for the Huntington Beach Concours d’ Elegance that I is the Grand Marshall. What’s a Grand Marshall? Um,… I guess that will be revealed.

3. Mr. Speak a’ lot gave a Seminar at Ventura College with awesome students.

4. Mr. ? had a successful meeting on a new show we’re working on. No comment.

5. Mr. Surf ‘a lot sold a surfboard

6. Mr. Pad Thai had Thai food that was actually really good last night. The bad stuff “reveals” a new appreciation of the bathroom.

7. Mr. Freak Out got a call from Clear Channel inviting me to a party with the Kardashian Sisters at the Playboy Mansion. Ok, not really that big a deal. I mean, it’s just the Playboy Mansion for cryin’ out loud…

8. Mr. Poop didn’t step in any poop in my backyard all week. THAT, is an accomplishment!

So you see, there’s truly things to be grateful for this week. Tell me one of yours!

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