Finally got around TO…


…seeing some movies that have come and gone. TWILIGHT, for instance is about a young girl who falls in love with a vampire. Um, ok. …Isn’t that a bit of a sticky situation? I mean, a werewolf might be better because you can walk around with them on a leash during the day. And they actually like garlic. ‘Course a silver bullet might present a problem, but who really has those nowadays anyway?

Another DAY AT THE SHOP will be posted tomorrow for those into cool cars. And we got some doozies this week. Okay, fine…. a vampire can be good too, but there’s the thing with all the blood right? I mean, they suck you till you’re like, … a dried up decrepidood! Don’t tell me that can be fun?

Recording THE HOLLYWOOD CAR SHOW Episode 23 today, finally. It will go live over the weekend. Sorry for the delay folks, but things are flying. Not like how a vampire flies, of course. I mean, bats are cool and all, but they can’t even see! And caves are cold, who wants that? And another thing… You live forever! Well, actually… that could be cool, I guess. As long as cool cars stay around. I’d be the world’s first driving blood sucker.

Sorry to get off track about all those pointless things like THCS and a day at the shop. Vampire stories are far more interesting. I mean, don’t mean to stray. Oh, and the movie was pretty good. For a vampire love story with no cars,… I mean.

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